About Propertist Co.,Ltd.

Propertist is owned and operated by three individuals from varying backgrounds and skill sets. Niwat handles the engineering side of the business, Ditsanan handles the architectural side, and Lertsak handles the business side. If you work with Propertist, you can count on them to be actively involved with your project. No project leaves our work/office without their blessing.

Niwat Thanpitinan is responsible for the project management engineering part of our company. In addition to being our Managing Director, he is often the first point of contact for those who later become our clients. Before starting Propertist, Niwat worked for 25 years as a professional consultant in projects around the world. Niwat is a graduate of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok (bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering) and holds a master’s degree in Computer and Engineering Management from Assumption University (ABAC). He resides in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ditsanan Bunlangkarn is responsible for all designs and project developments for Propertist. As Director, Ditsanan’s job is to make sure all of our work is complete and outstanding. Ditsanan is a graduate of Colorado State University and holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Architecture. He is also a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Development from Pathumtani University. He resides in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

Lertsak Suwannapasri is responsible for all business development for Propertist and ensuring that our clients receive the best service possible. He is involved closely with our entire team so we call him master of the house. Lertsak has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Chulalongkorn University and a master’s degree in International Marketing from Thammasat University. He has experience working in many kinds of international business worldwide. Lertsak resides in Samutprakarn, Thailand.